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MIL-C-5015 A/E/F/R Class

Amphenol MS connectors meet the latest performance requirements of MIL-C-5015.
These connectors represent well proven electrical capability at an acceptable cost for most equipment where durability is important.
MIL-C-5015 features threaded couplings and single key/ keyway polarization, representing maximum simplicity in design.
Applications include military ground support equipment, ordnance and shipboard installations.
Amphenol Industrial Operations manufactures five classes of connectors to meet different requirements.
Class designations and brief descriptions are listed below.
   ◈ A - Solid Shell - for general, non-environmental applications.
   ◈ E/F - Environmental Resisting with Strain Relief- designed for applications where the connector will be exposed to moisture, vibration, and rapid changes in pressure and temperature.
   ◈ R - Lightweight Environmental Resisting-shorter in length and lighter in weight than the E and F classes, the MS-R offers a high degree of reliability under adverse conditions:recommended for new design applications.

Mil-C-5015 A/E(F)/R Catalog <- Download here(카다로그다운)

MIL-C-5015 B Class

MS-B class connector is a general duty standard cylindrical
connector. It is a widely used for the automotive machine
tool & welding industries, as well as numerous other
commercial applications, mechanical forces and physical
parameters not subject to extreme or rapid environmental
changes UL, approved.  
   ◈ B Class - Split end bell, for general, non-environmental applications.
Mil-C-5015 B Class Catalog <- Download here(카다로그다운)

MIL-C-5015 DL Class

DL Series are highly reliable circular connectors (wire
soldering type) approved by TUV satisfying European
safety standards and UL standards.
They feature IP67 class water and dust proof, when mated
and a protective earth circuit with first mate break grounding
They are ideal for use in machine tools, robots, and other
industrial machines. intermateble with MS connector.
Mil-C-5015 DL Class Catalog <- Download here(카다로그다운)


MIL-C-5015 Specification

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