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Filtered Connector

Filtered Connector Catalog <-- Download here

A filtered connectors is the combination of filter elements in a connector, forming one neat, compact interconnect device that can filter unwanted EMI. The most popular configuration is when capacitors are mounted inside the connector between each of the contacts and the connector ground shell.

Micro Ribbon

Micro Ribbon Catalog <-- Download here

RF Product

RF Product Connector Catalog <-- Download here

AFI connectors/ AMC/ BNC/ FAKRA/ MCX Etc.


D-SUB Connector Catalog <-- Download here

Amphenol's line of D-subminiature rack and panel connectors is part of an industry standard for applications requiring reliable, rugged, connectors. These connectors are designed to accommodate rack and panel, cable to panel and cable to cable applications. D-subminiature connectors are pin and socket devices that employ contacts encased in a molded dielectric insert surrounded by a "D" shaped shell for polarization.


USB Connector Catalog <-- Download here

Amphenol USB is a suitable alternative for the various input/output interfaces used on personal computers and other consumer eletronics, providing a single interface for all of your peripherals with the convenience of plug-and-play.

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