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Rhino 38999

Rhino 38999 and Power

Amphenol Ltd combines the benefits of field proven MIL-DTL-38999 Series III circular connectors with hyperbolic contacts that extend the boundaries of high power connector technology. Designed to meet the latest military and industrial specifications, Rhino 38999 connectors also meet stringent safety requirements.
◈ High Power
◈ Up to 1000A
◈ Single Pole
◈ Mil-DTL-38999
◈ Low Profile
◈ Black Zinc Nickel Plating
◈ Single Pole Radsok Contact

Rhino 38999 Catalog <- Download here(카다로그다운)


Terrapin and Minuature

Intended for harsh environment applications and used extensively in soldier communications, Amphenol Terrapin is a series of miniature, circular, push-pull connectors.
Within a rugged shell design Terrapin offers superior EMC performance and high environmental sealing to IP68. Resilient in severe battlefield situations the RoHS compliant black-silver plating is both low-lustre and corrosion resistant. Featuring an optional locking mechanism, multiple shell sizes with up to 37 contacts and suitability for overmoulding, Terrapin is the preferred choice for miniature connectors in military and other harsh environment applications.
◈ IP68 waterproof and sealed
◈ Miniature
◈ Ruggedised
◈ RoHS Compliant
◈ Excellent EMC performance

Terrapin v1 Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)
Terrapin v2 Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)
Terrapin Aluminium Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)
Terrapin Ethernet Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)
Terrapin Filter Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)
Terrapin MicroUSB Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)


Amphenol Ltd has the expertise and Hermetic solutions to support a wide range of markets and applications including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Industrial and high end Military programmes.
Glass to metal sealing technology provides exceptional mechanical performance in extreme pressure and temperature environments whilst providing excellent hermeticity. Amphenol Ltd offers a total in-house manufacturing capability to design, manufacture and test both standard and custom Hermetic solutions utilising a wide range of connector materials, glass and ceramic glass types with matched compression and variable thermal expansion properties.
◈ Hermetic Connectors
◈ Hermetic Feedthroughs
◈ Hermetic Sensors
◈ Herrmetic 38999 and 26482
◈ Aluminium Hermetic Connectors
◈ Titanium Hermetic Connectors
Hermetic Solutions Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)

EMI Filtering & Transient Suppression

Amphenol Ltd is able to provide an extensive range of standard and customised filtered connectors including EMC and EMP protection for sensitive circuits in a wide range of applications within Military and Civil Aerospace, C4i systems, Vetronics, Industrial and Power Distribution Systems.
◈ EMI Filtered Connectors
◈ Transient Suppression
◈ L, C, LC, Pi and T filters
◈ Planar, Tubular and Discrete Chip technologies
◈ Predictive performance capability
Filter Soultions Catalog <- Download here(카다로그 다운)

Black Zinc Nickel Plating

Amphenol Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of a new RoHS compliant plating alternative to Cadmium. Black Zinc Nickel plating is now available on a wide variety of connectors and accessories including Mil-DTL-38999 and proprietary Mil-C-26482. This conductive and non-reflective black finish is approved for 500hrs salt spray endurance and is fast becoming the new Defence Industry standard.
◈ RoHS Compliant
◈ Cadmium Free
◈ 500hrs salt spray endurance
◈ Shell to shell continuity less than 2.5mΩ initially
◈ No significant galvanic reaction with cadmium, zinc cobalt or electroless nickel plated parts
◈ Available qualified to Mil-spec MIL-DTL-38999 Class Z


a heat recoverable metal braid terminator, which provides a method of joining a gross cable or harness shield to a customer built connector backshell or other termination device.
LOCK RING ADAPTER <- Download here(카다로그 다운)

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